Post Soviet

This morning I woke up early to heavy rain and thunder. It wasn’t even sunrise yet and still dark. I remembered my Blockstream Satellite node’s computer was pretty exposed and probably getting rained on, so I went out to move it so it wouldn’t get ruined; half awake and without coffee. My node currently archives all of the data received by the Satellite API broadcast, so I figured I would check if there was anything interesting it received.

What my node received was what appears to be a journal broadcasted by an anonymous software developer in a “post soviet state” in eastern Europe, who is fascinated by Bitcoin, the Lightning Network, and Blockstream Satellite:

                                   vW}MTOeu:Hello fellow earthling!

starting bitcoindev from eastern Europe would like some support


File must be bigger than 1kB so some story time, I hope I'm not doxing
myself. I discovered bitcoin during the silk road era, but after
researching the means to buy some mushroom, I found it too complicated
to buy and tumble bitcoin before sending a payment, so I didn't bought
any. I kept a small amount of attention on bitcoin, and in 2016-2017
started to following it closely, playing on testnet, and getting my
skin in the game in 2017. The last year was amazing, I learned a lot,
sent my first lightning testnet payment in early 2018, and was blown
away, and got dizzy of the possibilities of the fast, cheap bitcoin
micropayment possibilites.
So here I am, left my job, I have some money to keep me up, and I'm
building my first raspberry pi lightning node, and broadcasting
messages from satellites, still feels surreal times.
So if you want to support some anon dev from a post soviet state, have
at it, and thanks. My dream is to accumulate 1 btc, and I think that
will be more than enough for the future.

day 2:
Still hard to grasp the fact, that I'm blanketing a big part of
Earth with my message, on demand, instantly. I'm wondering does anybody
reading this message? Maybe a portion of the photons are missing the Earth, and traveling in
Space for billions of years.

day 3:
I'm curious how long will this trial time last, that I can
broadcast myself to the Eart for testnet coins, anyway I'm loving it.

day 4:
love you

day 5:
I can't decide which is cooler, to use a satellite for this silly
message to reach the surface of the Earth, or using the lightning
instant payment network, both feels utterly awesome, I think I will tell
this tale for my grandkids someday, maybe in a postcivilization
wasteland, but still. Without bitcoin I wouldn't have too much faith for the

day 6:
My plan is to create an uncensorable, unbannable site, where everything
is allowed to talk about and share, nobody can ban anything for anyone,
and nobody can delete anything, even their own posts, I hate when
people are posting something on twitter or facebook,
and later deleting it. Everybody should stand by their written words.
I think Bitcoin, Lightning, IPFS and other technologies are needed to
accomplish this, maybe the computational capacity of the network is not
enough today, but it will be.

day 7:
2 days ago a random puppy ran to me at a park from 10 meters, I petted him
pretty good, and she didn't want to follow her owner after it. good day

day 8:
I still can't get used to this, how I'm able to use a satellite, better
than a sci-fi. I should set up a dish to verify I'm actually sending
the messages, but on twitter they say it's really working.

I’m archiving the journal here. It was a surreal experience – reading the message half awake while it was dark and raining. Wherever you are, Post Soviet person, I salute you. Send us more.
The sha256 hash of the text is:


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